The Erasmus exchange program offers students the opportunity to study at European universities. In addition, it is possible to complete a study-relevant internship at a research institution or a company abroad. This offer is preferentially available to students in their Master's program who are studying in the department to which they are applying.
  • As an Erasmus+ scholarship holder, you pay no tuition fees abroad, acquired achievements are recognized, and you also receive a monthly grant of up to 450 euros (study) or 550 euros (internship). The amount of funding is based on three country groups (created according to the cost of living), which the EU Commission has established. Since 2018, the National Agency for EU Higher Education Cooperation at the DAAD determines the funding rates for studies and internships within these groups.
  • Erasmus+ scholarships can also be combined with BAföG and Deutschlandstipendium. Students who take their children abroad receive additional funding, as do disabled students.
  • Among other things, the Erasmus+ program supports student exchanges of two to twelve months in length (for an internship) and three to twelve months in length (for a degree program).
  • The planning of the stay abroad should be started early (ca. 1 year).
  • Depending on the university and the courses are chosen, the language requirements for a stay abroad may differ. Since language courses are not funded by the ERASMUS+ program, scholars should have sufficient language skills.
  • General information is also available via the International Portal of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.
The Chair of Engineering Hydrology & Water Resources Management currently supervises the contracts of the following universities:
  • University of Trento, Italy (,
  • University of Bologna, Italy (
Currently in planning for the new funding period are contracts with the following universities
  • Wageningen University, The Netherlands (,
  • University of Utrecht, Netherlands (
If you are interested in a stay abroad in Bologna or Trento, please contact the ERASMUS representative of the department:
M.Sc. Lars Hensel (IC 4/167)
A search mask for further partner universities of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering can be found here. The list of all ERASMUS subject coordinators, who are the first contact persons for you, can be found here.