Current Precipitation Pattern

The Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) (Edwards, McKee 1997) defines the precipitation patterns of the last month, the last three month or the period of the last six month in relation to the previously established normal values. A negative SPI characterizes a time period drier than normal, hence a positive value distinguishes wet conditions. Following you can find an explanation of the calculation of the SPI:

Explanation of SPI   (183.5 kB)

At this page you can find the standardized precipitation index of different precipitation stations in Germany. For displaying the various SPI values, please click on the name of the station. Please select the corresponding map to view the SPI for one, three or six month (scroll down).


SPI one month

Lage der Niederschlagsstationen

SPI three month

Lage der Niederschlagsstationen

SPI six month

Lage der Niederschlagsstationen